Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Again two days

Sorry about the again two days but when your a blogger you gotta tell the truth.(except for me) 

On Monday we got to meet Maria's foster mom. She is a very nice lady and at the little meeting time flew by. It felt like 30 minutes but was really 2 hours. After that we went to Insadong, (a shopping market very close to our apartment) and had dinner which was probably very good if I knew how to eat it. It was a meat and lettuce wrap white garlic to it on it. Apparently nobody mentioned any bones so my dad said, "watch out for bones!" And I said, " ohhh that's what it was." Then nobody told me how strong the garlic would be. I started chocking and drank a TON of my coke and after that I stopped eating. I didn't even touch the side dishes! So that was my dinner experience.

Tuesday is today is say
Today we went to a place called Coex mall. It sure was an experience! We started by doing a circle around the mall not knowing where to go, then going upstairs looking for the food cafeteria after that we pretty much gave up and went to the  Kimchi Museum. Kimchi is a type of pickled cabbage mixed with a type of chili peppers. They showed the process of making it ,and different dishes made of it, and they also had a room for taste testing I say yumm!! Basically every Korean likes it. I mean every Korean but Maria.:(  then we had lunch at mr. Pizza and went off to gangnam. We enjoyed most eating peanut butter cupcakes the most. We also went to a plac exalted the Korean War museum they had really cool stuff including multiple 4d movies!
 Planes at Korean War museum
Fun with the tanks at Korean War museums 

Meal that made me choke 
Different kimchi  from  kimchi museum 
Mannequin at kimchi museum
Taste testing time

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