Friday, June 21, 2013

Today was yesterday in your land!

Today, was a very exciting day. Even know it focused on Maria we all had tears behind our eyes. Maria, got to meet her birth mom. 
It was funny because our biggest  question was answered when we first walked in, which was, "Are you athletic?" And if you know Maria you know the answer is "Yes"  her birth mom was wearing an orange polo shirt that was sporty and had a number 3 on it. And her birth mom did say her self that she was very athletic. 
Just hearing about her was very interesting to hear the characteristics of her that Maria has the same! 
After that her birth mom and friend invited us to eat lunch with them, but our only obstacle was that the translator had to leave. But luckily for the new 21st century full of new technology I had an app on my iPhone that can translate Korean to English and English to Korean. So it all worked out well and it was a beautiful lunch but our only problem was, they brought out plate after plate of meat. Then came the soup and the cold noodles after that was the cold ice cream like dish, then finally and Iced Coffee. 
The translator app after all isn't the most accurate app. At one point they typed some Korean but it translated to "Cancer I do not like" but we soon figured out it was "it was very fun meeting you!" 
After that we went to an aquarium and saw beautiful fish and Bruce the shark from Finding Nemo and also Anchor and Chum, Bruce's friends. Here are the pictures from the aquarium.

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  1. An Amazing story! I wish I can see the photos but for some reason, they don't show up on my computer! T.T