Thursday, June 13, 2013


You are probably wondering how are plane ride went. If you aren't you might as well not read the rest of this post. 

There were good and bad things that happened on the plane ride. It started out with listening to the boring safety rules of the plane in 3 different languages: English, Korean and French. Once we took off I started watching a movie on the TVs called Parental Guidance. A great movie for kids and grown ups with a kid sense of humor. Then I watched some other stuff and did a sudoku, and read. 

Later our food came at four o'clock. Apparently it was supposed to be lunch. (Or a linner/dunch) but our linner was still pretty good. It was beef and rice and UFOs ( unidentified food objects) 

After that, at about ten o'clock, they brought us our night time dack (night time dinner snack) our dack was, ramen noodles!!!!!!!!!!!

I slept for about an hour because the lady next to me put her head and pillow right in the middle of my seat. 
But then, a shine of opportunity came from the sun saying, " Josie why not just put your head and pillow right on the arm rest!" 
But at that  time Mr. Ruin-it-all came marching down the road as Maria (while sleeping) put her head down right on the arm rest!!!!!!!!!!
Not being able to even breath without touching one of them I spent the rest if the night sitting there. 

It was morning and I actually was dozing off until a lady decided to put up her window so she could wake everybody up. ( I was just waiting for her to blow an air horn) 

Breakfast was omelets and more UFOsI decided  not to get the breakfast for fear that my stomach would hurt, so instead I just had apple juice. Well........ That was a mistake. I had a big stomach ache which gave me the hiccups I would of had UFOs. 
Pretty soon our plane ride ended at 3-4 am MI time and it was a 53 min ride from the airport to Seoul Station where we took another train to get dropped off at a place I don't know where and we walked to our apartment. 

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