Sunday, June 16, 2013

Now two days

Sorry that I haven't blogged for the last two days. It's because I have been too tired when we came home at night. So today to catch up I will blog about Saturday and Sunday.
On Saturday we went to Lotte world. You may of read of the place in an earlier post. It is a big indoor/outdoor theme park. My top three favorite rides were:
The Avalanche 
French Revolution 
The Commit

On the avalanche, you have to be 53 in., apparently I grew, because last I checked, I was 51 in. But it was worth the grow. One thing that's not good about roller coasters and I is, lots of times I am really small on them so my head is always forced to go rest against the railing where your hands are supposed to go. (Fun fact, it hurts!) 

The next ride we went on has a funny backstory, we were waiting in line for about 45 minutes and we finally got to go on it.  Maria and my dad were so excited, I was so scared, my mom was waiting to take a picture right were the ride goes over you on a bridge. Finally we got to a point in the line where we could see people getting on and off the ride and Maria said "wait this is that other ride!" Oh shoot. We were almost to the end of the line so we road it anyways. But he fun part was yet to come, when we got down and outside we were supposed to meet my mom at a certain place, but we didn't find Her and my dad said, " She's probably still waiting to take our picture." So we walked to her and said "it was awesome!" And Maria said, "Did you get the picture we saw you and waved!" My mom was so disappointed  but then we told her. So after that, we road that really scary one which was really cool at the same time.

My third favorite ride was The Commit, it was really fun because your cart spun freely and it was in the dark! 

All the other rides were good and I fell asleep on my dads lap on the subway.

The next day we met up with my dads friend Chang Woo. He works for IBM and it is funny because he was just in America on Monday. Anyways we walked up a neighborhood that was high up it was called Bukchon.

And we also went to a museum with Chang Woo about King Sejong he was a great king who was very interested in learning and the study of the stars. Did you know that at the time when King Sejong ruled Korea knew more about the movement of the stars than Europe did? And King Sejong invented the Korean alphabet which we now call Hanguel? The reason King Sejong invented it was because using the Chinese alphabet was too hard to learn and King Sejong wanted to invent an alphabet that was easy to learn especially because he was part blind.

There was also a battle in the 1400s with the Korean against the Japanese in which the Korean had only 13 ships while the Japanese had 133 but Korea still won. We got to see an awesome 4D movie about that battle where your seats moved and water and air squirted out at you. We also got to do Korean Calligraphy on really cool paper. 
If you ever go to Korea I would recommend going to the King Sejong museum because its really fun and everything is free!!!! 

Here are the pictures from the last two days.



  1. Nice~!!!! I wish I were there too. Did you like Jajangmyun?