Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Monday, Tuesday and today

On Monday, we moved back to our apartment also in Seoul then went shopping. We discovered a great store called Art Box. After Art Box we went to a great restraunt called The Cup. I got honey chicken rice and Maria got white cream pasta. 

On Tuesday we went to Art Box again and still we could find plenty of souvenirs!! :) we also went to visit the World Cup stadium and the little but very interesting museum that went along with it. Later we went to a place called Myeong Dong while my sister and mom went shopping my dad and I went to aace called the Dog Cafe. where they have dogs living there so people cam come and pet them. And we had a great dinner that was Korean Barbecue. What they do is put the meat on a grill that is built in the table and they give you a plate of raw meat to fry up yourself. 

Today it turns out, we did not go to Art Box. We did go back to the war museum and saw lots of veterans from the Lprean War who must of been there for some sort of celebration. But we mainly went back to the museum to see a 4D movie we missed the last trip to the museum. Then we went shopping at the markets. And had lots of goodies and food. Then we came back to our apartment where I am here now.


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  2. It looks like you are having fun. When I visited Korea three years ago, I thought the accessary stuffs were expensive. T.T I loved shopping at Myung-Dong. I think I saw the Dog Cafe you went in the Korean TV show called "Animal Farm". I miss being in Korea!!